Bot Vice

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Show off your skills & reflexes in this frantic gallery shooter action arcade, filled with lots of bullets, bots and explosions! You play as Erin Saver, carrying out her personal vendetta against the criminal Wildbots.

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  • Title: Bot Vice
  • Developer: DYA Games
  • Website:
  • Release Date: July 11, 2016
  • Genre: Action, Arcade, Gallery Shooter, Shooter, Shoot'em Up
  • Platforms: PC (Windows, Mac, Linux)
  • Price: $11.99
  • Available on: Steam
  • Support: Support Forum
  • Social Media: Twitter, Youtube, DeviantArt
  • Contact: hello [at] dyagames [dot] com

Main Features

  • Super intense gallery shooting arcade action.
  • One unique challenging boss per stage.
  • Unlockable "Extra Missions" mode.
  • Three difficulty modes: Hard, Normal and Easy.
  • Polished and colorful pixel art visuals.
  • Catchy 90's synth-rock soundtrack.

Who is Erin Saver?

Erin Saver used to be a police officer. But at 28 years old, fate had other plans...

Six months ago while pursuing the Wildbots, a criminal gang led by four psychotic mercenary cyborgs, she lost her partner, and her right arm, in a failed operation. Now, the Wildbots have been hired by a madman who intends to blow up the Tominaka Plaza building, the most important symbol of this decadent city... But she won't let that happen. Equipped with a new, versatile bionic arm, nothing will stop her from taking the law into her own hands... Even if one of them is now metal...

The time for justice has passed. Today, she will get her revenge.

Come on! There's no time!

Hurry Up!

The clock is ticking... Literally! Your time to beat this adventure is limited. This feature is the most critical one of the game. If you have N minutes to beat all the missions and you only reach stage 24 before running out of time, stage 25 will remain locked and inaccessible. You'll have to replay previous stages (any stage, at any time, whenever you want) in order to obtain better clear times, gaining extra seconds to unlock the next stages.

It's all about understanding and mastering Erin’s small but useful set of moves and weapons, and knowing all enemy patterns. That's the only way you'll reach the end of the adventure. This is our challenge to you.


Bot Vice is an indie video game designed, developed and published by DYA Games, a team of two brothers -Alberto and Dani- located in Spain.

Alberto is the main art director and pixel artist, while Dani is in charge of programming, sound and project direction. The soundtrack was composed by Dominic Ninmark and it's available for purchase here. Erin's voice by Elissa Park. All other voices (system, regular bots, Wildbots and Lunatic) by the versatile Omri Rose.

Bot Vice colorful and polished art style is highly influenced by 16-bit console games and 90's arcades, providing a rich pixel art visual style. Exclusively desinged for gamepad controllers, the fast-paced modern gameplay mechanics, weapons and cover system were inspired by Time Crisis 3, with an obvious twist. While Bot Vice is defined as a gallery shooter (and it may remind you of games like Wild Guns), the aiming mark will move automatically to the nearest target (while not shooting), so that the player can focus on move, cover, dodge, attack and shoot actions, taking the genre to a whole new level of total control, fast paced gameplay and bullets galore.



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